Bournemouth playpark to receive £100k revamp

Playground Equipment

In 2016, the Littledown Leisure Centre in Bournemouth received £1.7 million to renovate its indoor facilities. Adjacent to the Centre is the Littledown Playpark which this year received £100 thousand to revamp its outdoor infrastructure. Both projects received funding from the Bournemouth Borough Council. In addition, £2,200 was received from the Local Improvement Fund of Littledown Ward Councillors for the work being completed at the Littledown Playpark.

Littledown Playpark is one of several playparks in the Bournemouth Borough and often ranked as one of the best in the country. With 47 acres to move and play within, this playpark is more than just another playground. For example, some of its unique features include:

  • Free paddling pool (open during summer)
  • Various exercise circuits
  • Miniature Railway maintained by the Bournemouth & District Society of Model Engineers (Sun & Weds)
  • Leisure Orienteering Course
  • The Littledown Leisure Centre is right next door offering numerous indoor leisure, recreational, exercise, community, swimming, and other activities (including a spa and cafe)
  • ALTITUDE Rope Courses (reopening Easter 2019) offers low rope adventures with 9 features at 5 metres above the ground and high ropes adventure with 12 features at 10 metres above the ground

New Features to be Added
With the £100,000 budget to revamp the Littledown Playpark, several new features will be added. Central among these is a series of playground equipment designed for toddlers and young children including:

  •   A carousel
    • A see-saw
    • Several new slides
    • Two sets of swings

Further, there will be changes to the current seating installed in the playpark. New seating rocks as well as swan seat are to be installed. The hope is that this new seating will increase interactivity with the park itself and with other families, individuals, and groups who are taking advantage of the children’s outdoor playground equipment facilities. Currently, there are also refurbishments being completed to the pool, spa, and changing rooms at the Littledown Leisure Centre. These portions of the Centre are now closed, but the rest of the Centre is open as usual.

Construction at Littledown Playpark began on November 5, 2018. Since that time, the park has been closed. The hope is that the park’s renovations will be completed by New Year’s (January 1, 2019). Once completed, the park will be reopened for regular usage. The construction occurring at the Littledown Leisure Centre is expected to be completed a little earlier: December 21, 2018. At that time, access to the pool, spa, and changing rooms will be re-permitted.

Unfortunately, there’s there is still more than a month to wait until Littledown Playpark reopens. In the meantime, however, there are many other similar areas to visit. A short drive south will take you into King’s Park.