Why you should get your hearing checked at age 50


Human beings use 5 common senses to be able to experience the world we live in. These senses are all significant in that we interact and make crucial judgments based on our interpretation of this senses. We hear via our ears which convey sound waves to our brains through the ear canal . Our ears can hear sounds with varying frequency levels . Frequency is measured in Hertz ( Hz) and we can hear frequencies over a very wide spectrum ranging from 20Hz to 20000Hz . Normal conversation will usually be held at frequencies ranging from 500 to 6000 Hz.

When we reach the age of 50 years is important to get our free hearing test done as the rate of hearing deterioration increases and with it other hidden dangers to our health. Between the ages of 20-50 years it is advisable to do ear checkup at least every 5-6 years , after 50 years the rate should be a check up every 3years or less. This could save not only your ability to hear but also your life. First reason for getting ear checkup frequently us due to the fact that hearing loss is mostly a gradual process .It will take time before one realizes that they have hearing problems but regular checks will be able to ascertain and verify whether the hearing is still ok ,and if not take steps to find out why and what is the solution to the problem .

The most recurring reason for hearing loss is blamed on exposure to high decibel sounds which affect the ear drums . This damage will mostly. Occur during teenage and tweens age where noise pollution coming from listening to music at high volumes and exposure to noise pollution environments. As the years advance this can be compounded by the noises at work making a bad situation worse and boosting the speed at which hearing loss occurs.

Another reason that makes it of uttermost importance to get regular checks after passing the 50 years mark is the onset of midlife crises comes with dangers associated with diseases like diabetes , high blood pressure, heart ailments and cancer which start to slowly set in . At the onset of these diseases are signals that are easy to ignore and sometimes impossible to notice ,and these are earliest Indicators of the onset of the disease. Regular ear check-ups will be able to detect early signs of diseases like diabetes at early stages .

One of the most common causes of hearing loss in among adults is otosclerosis, an abnormal bone growth in the ear canal and it results in the blockage of the ear canal. Getting diagnosed and receiving early treatment is determinant of whether a full recovery or partial fightback to the problem is possible. After this check-ups , hearing aids are given to help alleviate the effects of hearing loss to those affected .

There are no shortcuts to living a happy and healthy life . One must take responsibility to ensure that at any time they are in good health condition . Ear check-up is a vital to your overall health.